Case Study


Reactions is a content rendering platform for mobile devices. User will be able to feed in any type of content like RSS, editable content, either through forms, rich media or charts and it will be delivered on both IOS and Android devices in a structured tile format with features like push notification, favourite and content share to social network applications.


User has the facility to drag and drop, customise the tiles within the app as per their brand.

The theme of the platform is to enable the user to personalise the look and the feel of the app as and when they want as per their business needs.


The Process



To design a customised mobile app which can feed in from various type of inputs like XML/RSS and in-house CMS portal, and can function in an offline mode while providing the ability to mark content as favourite as well as option to share across social media applications. The app should also be able to render the content into various formats like charts, graphs, images and maps along with providing support for IPAD and tablet version.


  • Rendering charts and integrating with external support like ESRI for displaying maps within the mobile app.
  • To ensure all the pending articles in the push notification queue are rendered on-time to the subscribed user.
  • Drag and drop option for tiles, to customise the look and feel of the home screen.
  • Offline support using react-native to handle network failures.
  • Private and public key encryption for data exchange between mobile and web platform.


Our robust backend platform supported by either SailsJS or Drupal has diverse features like managing content by adding, editing and updating from various inputs (external API in the form of JSON or content store) and facilitating with the revision history so that user has control over what they wish to render within the app.

Any changes that are made on the backend portal are converted into either JSON ( stored on amazon’s S3 server ) or API to which the mobile app communicates by using token-based authentication.

Our react native mobile apps are written to enable users to theme their apps with their choice of colours, fonts, and size of the tiles.